Tech and Service Industries

Have you ever used the Ride share service Lyft? They are sort of like a taxi except the drivers are all real people they don’t cost nearly as much and you get twice the service as a taxi. You are riding in someone’s personal car so they are clean. And the drivers are predominantly polite and cheerful.

The whole business model is set up so that the driver must deliver a high level experience in order to be successful. The writer then, benefits by getting a cheaper ride and a better experience.

These drivers live and die by the five star rating system. Without that five star rating , they are jeopardizing their driving future. They will do almost anything to make sure that each and every trip is pleasant and each customer is happy.

It’s an interesting business model when applied to a tech company. Think of your sales people as Lyft drivers who work with passengers…or your customers…all the time. Your advertising and marketing materials are like the car, in that they are quote right place at the right time and they are the delivery system.

These things matter a ton to customers, so why is it that we still don’t seem to know how to empower salespeople to drive behavior at the moment of engagement. We use customer surveys. But they are just not the same as the immediate feedback that Lyft uses to drive customer satisfaction.